USCS has extensive experience in facilitating the safe and secure storage and distribution of food products to and from the international community. Not all services are available at all facilities. Please check the individual location for more information.

  • USDA Inspection services for the approval of import and export products. Trained USCS personnel work directly with USDA Inspectors to coordinate and perform product inspections. Samples are taken and USDA approval stamps are applied resulting in fully cleared product status.

  • Many USCS facilities are bonded by the U.S. Government making them available to be used for the storage of imported perishable foodstuffs prior to the payment of importation duties

  • Facilitation of the quick thawing of meat or poultry products so shipments can be cut open for inspection.

  • USDA grading services performed in special inspection rooms.

  • Assistance with documentation related to inspection of imports and exports for the USDA, FDA, US Customs or import/export brokers. Bills of Lading and packing lists are specially prepared as required.

  • USCS can perform services for product that is floor loaded, on slip-sheets or palletized. Loading export containers in specified sequence will be performed as instructed by the shipper.

  • (Secretaria de Agricultura, Ganaderia y Desarrollo Rural) Mexican Government inspection of fresh fruits and vegetables to be imported into Mexico. Service provided at USCS Laredo in Texas.

  • For the sorting of shrimp and other seafood by size, weight, species, etc.

  • Swire provides an ever-growing chain of refrigerated warehouses and distribution facilities in the United States, Australia, Vietnam, Sri Lanka and China.
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